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$220 Necklace Worth Every Penny

Posted by Wendy Minton Edwards in category on February 17, 2012

Margie, a wonderful friend and neighbor, returned to her home a few months ago following an extended hospital and rehap stay.  Margie lives alone, turned 80 this past year, and has many major health hurdles.  She ordered a medical alert system through NCBAM because she liked the idea of buying a system and avoiding a monthly fee.  She was thrilled with her new $220 necklace and wore it religiously. Last week it paid off. Weak from hours of the effects of some type of virus, Margie fell and fractured her already heavily damaged back.  She hit her alert button, which immediately called her daughter.  Margie simply said, "I've fallen."  Her daughter called 911 and rushed to her mom's house. While visiting Margie days later she smiled and said, "Even if I never wear it again, that $220 dollar necklace was worth every penny."

All aging adults who live alone need some type of emergency contact system.  Many types are available and provide good service.  Call NCBAM today to help you find the one best for you.

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