The mission of North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM) is to provide “help for the journey” to individuals 65+ in ways that help them maintain their independence and enjoy quality of life.


NCBAM’s Call Center provides information and referrals to Callers and makes connectionns with volunteers from Baptist churches, other denominations and faiths, and civic groups.


NCBAM’s Regional Directors serve throughout the State--assessing needs of individuals and offering trainings at churches, congregate meal sites, and senior centers. Trainings focus on topics that help aging adults maintain their independence, such as medication management, fall prevention, and healthy living.


In partnership with NCBAM, Flagship Churches are equipped with a variety of tools to train, educate and minister to aging adults. NCBAM works with Flagship churches to enhance ministry and outreach to senior adults.


NCBAM is supported by the Baptist State Convention of NC and is administrated through Baptist Children’s Homes of NC (BCH). “NCBAM thrives through its partnerships with North Carolina Baptists,” said BCH president/CEO and NCBAM founder Michael C. Blackwell, “We are helping to meet the many needs of the aging by working together in Jesus’ name.”

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NCBAM serves the entire state of North Carolina and has met needs in all 100 counties. As many as 350 calls each month from aging adults and caregivers come to NCBAM’s Call Center. The only criterion for service is age. Callers, or their caregivers, must be at least 65. Typical needs met include respite care, wheelchair ramp construction, friendly visits, and transportation assistance. Callers are provided information and/or connected with existing community services or caring volunteers.

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NCBAM serves North Carolina’s aging 65+ and their caregivers by providing information and referrals, connecting the aging and their families with resources to meet needs, and coordinating practical ministries. In partnership with North Carolina Baptists and social agencies, NCBAM strives to enable the aging to maintain independence and quality  oflife. No religious affiliation is required; the only eligibility criterion is that clients be 65+.


In addition to serving the frail-aging, NCBAM provides opportunities for the well-aging 65+ to stay active and engaged by serving others. Through its AAIM network (Aging Adults Innovating Ministry), churches are uniting to create a network of ministers, lay leaders and church members with the mission to promote, equip and strengthen aging adult ministries across North Carolina.

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The NCBAM Call Center is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Call Center Specialists provide information and referral services to aging adults 65+ in North Carolina. If there are waiting lists for community services, or if services are not available, NCBAM connects clients with Baptist volunteers, or other caring individuals in the community who provide services such as respite care, wheelchair ramp construction, friendly visits, or transportation assistance.  Call Center Specialists consider it an honor and privilege to pray with callers. Contact the Call Center at 877.506.2226 or email ncbam@bchfamily.org.


NCBAM’s Regional Directors engage with local churches and senior centers to increase awareness of the needs of aging adults and the ministry opportunities available to churches in meeting those needs. Regional directors assess the needs of frail-aging individuals and recruit volunteers to help them. They are available to speak to your church or group on a wide variety of issues facing aging adults. See the full list of classes here.


With no funding for direct needs and less than a dozen staff members, the keys to NCBAM’s statewide impact are its partnerships. From local Boy Scout troops to North Carolina’s Office of State Fire Marshal, NCBAM connects NC’s aging with "help for the journey" through its many partners.

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NCBAM’s ministry outreaches are as varied as the needs of aging adults. Being responsive to needs has been the hallmark of NCBAM since its inception.

Call Center fields more than 350 calls each month from aging adults and their caregivers.  AIRS*- and SHIIP*-certified Call Center Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. *Alliance of Information and Referral Systems *Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program


Priority #1: Prevention includes smoke alarm installation trainings, Safe at Home checklists, fire and fall safety presentations, grab bar installations, and the distribution of Red Bags for medication management.


AAIM (Aging Adults Innovating Ministry) is a network of ministers, lay leaders and church members with the mission to promote, equip and strengthen aging adult ministries across the State.


Serving Hope raises awareness of the hunger crisis facing aging adults and encourages churches to help.


Servant Care and ENCORE serves Baptist ministers 65+ by helping their spouses and widows meet practical needs and providing opportunities for fellowship and enrichment.


Rampin’ Up! is a partnership with NC Baptists on Mission. This event raises awareness of the need for wheelchair ramps adn is held biennially in conjunction with NC Operation Inasmuch.


Generations promotes intergenerational ministry during Rampin’ Up! and through partnerships with Deep Impact summer camps. NCBAM staff provides training to youth to help them engage with the aging as they meet practical needs.

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NCBAM would like to hear from you! Contact us if we can help you or your loved one, or if you would like to volunteer. For immediate assistance, phone the NCBAM Call Center.

Call Us:

NCBAM Call Center


The NCBAM Call Center is staffed by compassionate and knowledgeable specialists who can not only provide information on resources available through a myriad of government and civic programs, but can also refer specific needs directly to volunteers across the state.

Call Center assistance is available:

Monday through Friday

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

You can also reach us by mail:


P.O. Box 338

Thomasville, North Carolina  27361

Email Us:

Use the contact form to message us and/or subscribe to our newsletter.  Please read our privacy policy.


Referrals are accepted by phone only. Please phone 877.506.2226 to speak with a Call Center Specialist.


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Dr. Michael C. Blackwell

Dr. Blackwell is the founder of NCBAM. Since 1984, Blackwell has served as the president/CEO of Baptist Children’s Homes of NC (BCH). Through his leadership, BCH has expanded to serve every age. With highly-trained staff members serving all 100 counties, BCH has ministry locations in 21 North Carolina communities plus an orphanage in Guatemala. Blackwell is married and is Boppy to two granddaughters.

Dr. Sandy C. Gregory

As its first director, Dr. Gregory has led NCBAM since it was just a gleam in the eye of North Carolina Baptists. He loves to connect with Baptist, state and local leaders to bring awareness to the needs of the aging. Gregory is available to speak to church and community groups. Gregory is married and has seven children.

Carol Layton

Carol Layton serves as director of communications and administration for NCBAM. Layton loves to communicate the many ways that NC Baptists are making North Carolina the very best state in which to grow old! Layton is married with three regular children and five grand ones.

Amy Burns

Amy Burns serves as administrative assistant for NCBAM.  She is a retired music teacher and church musician.  She and her husband, John, have two daughters, Laura and Carol.






Debra Kuykendall

Debra Kuykendall is responsible for ministry services of NCBAM within the central western region. With experience in geriatric nursing as well as international and domestic missions, Kuykendall serves passionately to help meet the needs of the frail aging. Kuykendall and her husband live in Hickory where he is an Associational Missionary.

Anita Davie

Anita Davie directs ministry services for NCBAM in the far west region. Davie has 20 years experience in social work including directing an Area Agency on Aging. A lifetime Baptist, Davie cherishes the opportunity to use her experience in public service to help churches develop ministries for aging adults. Anita lives in Weaverville and has one son.

Yvetta Smith

Yvetta Smith directs ministry services for NCBAM in the east region. Smith has designed computer systems, helped her husband begin a family business, and worked with the aging at an assisted living facility. Her passion for the aging led her from volunteering with NCBAM to joining the team. Smith is married with two children.

Robert Leonard

Robert Leonard directs ministry services for NCBAM in the south central region. Leonard has 36 years’ experience as a senior pastor and 10 years’ experience as a Church and Community Missionary with the North American Mission Board and the Cabarrus Baptist Association. He uses his experience to continue ministering to aging adults as well as assisting churches with resources to develop ministry with aging adults in their congregations and communities. Leonard lives in Concord with his wife Linda. They have one daughter, Amy, and one granddaughter, Makayla.





Samantha Allred

Samantha Allred directs ministry services in the north central region of the state. Allred graduated from Appalachian State University with a BA in Religious Studies. Previously, she served as a Children's Minister in Thomasville, NC. She takes joy in helping others and sharing the love of Christ.

Angie Gregg

Angie Gryder Gregg directs ministry services for NCBAM in the far west region. Gregg has 29 years’ experience in the fire service which included being a firefighter, Fire and Life Safety Educator, and teaching older adults how to prevent falls and fires in their homes. She retired from the NC Office of State Fire Marshal as the Western Injury Prevention Specialist and is excited for the opportunity to use her experience in public service to help churches develop ministries for aging adults. Gregg lives in Blowing Rock with her husband.





Melanie Beeson

Melanie Beeson serves as director of NCBAM's state-of-the-art Call Center. Certified by the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) as an information and referral specialist, Beeson takes joy in serving aging adults across the state through the work and outreaches of the Call Center. She graduated from Meredith College and taught elementary school for 12 years. Beeson and her husband live in the Arcadia community and have three children.

Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas serves as Call Center Specialist for NCBAM in the west region. She is passionate about working with aging adults within North Carolina and is currently pursuing a master's degree in gerontology. Thomas was born and reared in Winston-Salem, NC.

Shirley Carlson

Shirley Carlson serves as Call Center Specialist in the south central region. Carlson has an extensive background in pediatric nursing and served with the North American Mission Board in Pennsylvania for ten years. She and her husband Roger have four adult children.

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It is NCBAM.org’s policy that personal information, such as names, postal and e-mail addresses, or telephone numbers are private and confidential. Accordingly, the personal information you provide is accessible only by designated staff members, and is used only for the purpose for which you provide the information.


Personal information will not be released to third parties, except if release is required by law or is pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations or proceedings. There are no other circumstances under which we will provide information to third parties.

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NCBAM staff members work as a team to develop and implement the many outreaches of the ministry. If you have a passion to further the mission of helping aging adults maintain their independence, please click here to view open positions.

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