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ONE HOPE is a dedicated outreach of North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry that provides a spiritual response to social isolation and loneliness among older North Carolinians. Developed in 2018, and launched in 2019, the outreach features the NCBAM HOPE LINE, available daily 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

You are the God who sees me.

~ Genesis 16:13

The problem: Many of North Carolina’s aging go weeks without speaking to another person. Others lack quality connections and feel lonely even in a crowd. Health professionals link social isolation and loneliness with high blood pressure, depression, cognitive decline, and a 30% increased risk of premature death.


The causes: Complex economic, technological, and societal forces put almost everyone at risk. But those most at risk live alone, lack transportation, have reduced mobility, or live in areas offering limited access to services.


The solution: Social planners and healthcare agencies address social isolation as a healthcare crisis and NCBAM supports their efforts. But we also believe the church holds a key to the solution by offering connection, community, and a relationship with Christ.


The NCBAM HOPE LINE receives calls daily, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. Trained staff and volunteers encourage callers with a friendly voice and a listening ear—offering to pray with and for callers and remind them that God sees them and loves them.


The HOPE LINE provides volunteer opportunities across the state. Volunteers serve as “Communicators” who answer calls, or as “Encouragers” who work directly with individuals to remove the barriers of isolation through a Christ-centered approach. Specialized training is provided.





NCBAM can help your church plan, implement, and maintain its own One Hope ministry to those suffering in your community.  NCBAM’s One Hope workshop includes:


  • An overview of social isolation and loneliness
  • Methods for identifying those most at risk
  • Training “communicators” and “encouragers”
  • Tips, tools, and resources for incorporating prayer, evangelism, and discipleship
  • Evidence-based health coach techniques that are client focused and results driven
  • When and how to refer other needs
  • Strategize for developing community-based solutions


Call 877.506.2226 to schedule a ONE HOPE workshop for your church.



The Mission of ONE HOPE

To offer the One Hope of the Father, who is above all, and through all, and in all to those experiencing social isolation and loneliness. To connect the lonely with community, and ultimately, with Christ.


The Vision of ONE HOPE

A world in which frail older adults are not isolated or lonely; where elders are connected, valued in their communities, and have a relationship with Christ


ONE HOPE Advisors:

Whitney Brooks, NBC-HWC, Certified Integrative Health Coach through Duke Integrative Medicine

Dr. Chris Schofield, Director, Office of Prayer, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

Mark Smith, Senior Consultant, Family Evangelism and Discipleship, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina




There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.  – Ephesians 4:4-6

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The NCBAM Call Center provides information and referral services to aging adults 65+ in North Carolina. If there are waiting lists for community services, or if services are not available, NCBAM connects clients with Baptist volunteers close to them who provide services such as respite care, wheelchair ramp construction, friendly visits, and transportation assistance. NCBAM’s Call Center fields more than 350 calls each month.  AAIRS*- and SHIIP*-certified Call Center Specialists are ready to lend a compassionate ear and seek resources Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.


The Call Center has met the needs of aging adults in all of North Carolinas 100 counties. No religious affiliation is required; the only eligibility criterion is that clients be 65+ or older. Contact NCBAM for help.


*Alliance of Information and Referral Systems *Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program

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North Carolina’s aging adults stay on their feet and in their homes through the power of prevention. Benjamin Franklin’s famous words, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” first appeared in an article he wrote for the Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin was deeply concerned with fire prevention in Philadelphia. His commentary is credited with establishing the Union Fire Company in 1736. Franklin’s clever adage lies in its understatement – with 16 ounces in a pound, an ounce of prevention yields a hefty 16-fold or 1,600% return on investment. But even that return pales when considering the valuable years of independence that a little bit of prevention adds to an aging person’s life.


Smoke Alarm Installation Trainings: Having a working smoke detector is the single most important way to prevent fire fatalities in the home. Through partnership with the NC Office of State Fire Marshal, NCBAM provides churches and other organizations with free, 10-year lithium battery smoke alarms. Click to view upcoming smoke alarm installation trainings.


Fall & Fire Prevention Workshops: NCBAM’s trained staff members conduct 60-minute presentations including evidence-based prevention strategies: eight fall- and eight fire-prevention tips designed specifically for aging adults. Becoming aware of these strategies and practicing them can make the difference between independence or dependence – and life or death. To schedule a Fall & Fire Prevention workshop, call 877. 506.2226


Grab Bars: Having grab bars in bathrooms help prevent injuries. A simple grab bar can make the future of an aging adult more secure. A 16-fold return on a $25 grab bar is only $400 – an

amount that might cover one trip to the ER. Preventing falls by using grab bars helps prevent

head trauma, hip fractures, and by extension – the pneumonia and other complications that may result from a fall.


Red Bags: One of the greatest risks to the health of aging adults is from the improper use of medications. Factors that contribute to medication mismanagement include poor communication between patient and healthcare providers, the use of several prescriptions, the use of internet pharmacies, and an inability to take medications as prescribed.


Red Bags make managing prescription medicines easy and convenient and increase the likelihood that medicines are taken correctly. Red Bags also help emergency responders provide quick and appropriate treatments. Fire Chiefs, Fire Marshals and Fire and Life Safety Directors throughout North Carolina are aware of Red Bags and train emergency responders to look for them when entering the homes of aging adults.


As part of its Priority #1: Prevention initiative, NCBAM is putting life-saving Red Bags into the homes of as many aging adults as possible. Distributing Red Bags can be a valuable ministry opportunity for North Carolina Baptists to impact the lives of the aging 65+ in their churches and communities. Red Bags are available for $3 each in quantities of 50 or more. Click here to order Red Bags online.


Rampin’ Up!: This biennial event is produced in partnership with NC Baptists on Mission. Rampin’ up! raises awareness of the need for wheelchair ramps and has resulted in the construction of more than 2,000 ramps. Learn more about Rampin’ Up! or click to register.

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NCBAM partners with the Family Foster Care program of Baptist Children’s Homes and their partnering churches by connecting older adults who can share at least a few hours each week with a foster child. These “foster grandparents” share their faith, provide guidance, and offer practical support to children living in foster care. Volunteer Foster Grandparents must be over 50 years of age, connected with a local church, maintain a safe environment, provide references, and pass a background check.


Do you have at least a few hours each week to share with a hurting child? NCBAM can help you step into the role of a Foster Grandparent and become an important part of a child’s life—as well as to the family providing care.


NCBAM regional directors are available to share a 90-minute educational workshop with churches that explains how your church can make a difference in the lives of foster children. Call 877.506.2226 for more information.


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Reaching Baptist ministers 65+ is an important NCBAM initiative. North Carolina Baptists are committed to helping meet practical needs, and provide opportunities for fellowship and enrichment to these aging servants. All North Carolina Baptist ministers 65+ and their spouses, or surviving spouses, are invited to participate in Servant Care. This special outreach extends all of NCBAM’s best to North Carolina’s very best – our beloved pastors, music ministers, missionaries, and others who faithfully offered their lives in service to God’s people.


Servant Care is for all ministers 65+. They may be retired, still serving, well, or frail. NCBAM’s prevention programs and educational outreaches will enhance the lives and strengthen participants. Participation is not based on financial need.


Servant Care participants will receive regular phone calls or emails, visits or correspondence from NCBAM and North Carolina Baptist volunteers. Need assessments will be made as necessary. When a need arises, participants will be connected with available resources. Some needs are met quickly; others may require financial assistance or volunteer support. Since the Servant Care relationship is ongoing, needs will be monitored regularly. To learn more, contact NCBAM.


Encore is a key part of NCBAM’s  Servant Care outreach. Encore events are designed for Servant Care participants and are fully interactive. The events provide opportunities for fellowship, education and spiritual enrichment. Participating in an ENCORE event will help an aging minister to embrace the next phase of life with renewed purpose and greater awareness of what God has next. Contact NCBAM for more information.

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The church is stronger when all age groups stand together in service. NCBAM’s Generations promotes intergenerational ministry. Through Rampin’ Up! and other missional projects, through NCBAM’s partnerships with Deep Impact summer camps, and through training youth and young adults to engage with the aging as they meet practical needs, NCBAM promotes ministry that binds generations together.

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Aging adults are impacted through evangelism, prayer and discipleship! North Carolina Baptists’ priority is to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Aging adults 65+ need a vital relationship with the Lord as much as anyone. Christ the Cornerstone initiative is an outreach to aging adults and their caregivers based on the belief that Christ is essential for their living today and for their eternity.


Evangelism: Despite what some may think, many aging adults 65+ do not have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Surveys indicate that among the general adult population, the older a person becomes the more important his relationship with God becomes. And the older a person becomes, the more real his mortality becomes. The fact is that aging adults are as receptive, if not more so, to the Gospel message as any other age group. NCBAM and North Carolina Baptists regularly encourage the unsaved aging to accept Christ as their Savior.


Prayer and Comfort: Meeting spiritual needs goes hand-in-hand as North Carolina Baptists help the aging 65+ face the often daunting challenges they face. NCBAM Call Center Specialists pray with and for the aging and their caregivers who call the NCBAM. North Carolina Baptists who volunteer to help meet the needs of the frail aging pray with those they serve. Biblical truths provide the foundation for spiritual comfort. NCBAM publishes Christian literature specifically written to address the spiritual needs of the aging 65+.


Four Christ the Cornerstone brochures are available:

10 Passages of Promise – Biblical Truths for Aging Adults

17 Pathways to Power – Caregiver’s Prompts for Praying

30 Days of Strength - God's Care, Comfort, and Protection

10 Truths for Transformation - Biblical Encouragement for Caregivers



Discipleship:  NCBAM celebrates the aging who are serving Jesus Christ! Often, those who are 65+ are the ones who volunteer to assist the frail aging. Today, the aging lead the way in evangelizing their peers and they are at the forefront of kingdom work in their churches and communities. In fact, their passion is compelling them to go and make disciples of all nations – and all ages!

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Summer Fans: Helping protect aging adults from the risks of heat exposure is something everyone can do. Many of North Carolina’s aging suffer from the summer heat. The effects can be fatal. Reduce the risk and bring comfort by providing an electric fan. The cool breeze will aid an aging person and be a reminder that someone cares. Help by donating fans or raising funds for area social services to purchase the fans. Contact NCBAM to learn more or click to download a flyer.


Comfort Covers: Providing warm wraps to remind aging adults that others pray for them is a great ministry.  Join others around the state by sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, or simply cutting out fleece blankets to create Comfort Covers for the frail aging in your community. Download information on how to get started.


Serving Hope: Raising awareness of the hunger crisis facing aging adults is essential. Serving Hope encourages churches to help. Currently, 4,400 aging adults statewide are on waiting lists for home-delivered meals. Budget cuts and a growing demand for service have profoundly impacted those at risk. Consider two ways your church can help! Meal Share encourages churches who already serve congregational meals to prepare extra portions for frails-aging church member, or for those at risk in the community. It’s in the Bag encourages churches to distribute bags of shelf-stable groceries to aging adults in need. Food drives are fun and simple! All ages can be involved by decorating bags for holidays or seasons, filling the bags, or distributing them. Click here to learn more ways that your church can provide physical and spiritual food for aging adults in crises.

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Volunteers are at the foundation of helping the frail aging in North Carolina. NCBAM encourages individuals, church and community groups to volunteer and make a difference. More information is available by contacting NCBAM or calling 877.506.2226


March the Blues Away: A short-term volunteer opportunity may be perfect. March the Blues Away is a short-term volunteer opportunity for two-person teams to help a frail-aging adult. Volunteering can be as easy at 1, 2, 3, and 4!


ONE – 1 aging adult in need; TWO – With a 2-person volunteer team; THREE – And an easy 3-month commitment; FOUR – With only 4 contacts per month


Learn more about being part of a two-person volunteer team to conduct friendly visits or help a frail-aging person with light household chores? Click here to have an NCBAM representative contact you about March the Blues Away.

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